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I think I would have to dump the wash, trying to sound politically correct and just throw the raw facts forward.

What I will be showing you in this post will piss off a lot of people, especially girls, but I don't care. 

the truth is this; it works.

These secrets I will show will make any girl beg you to allow her into your life irrespective of how you look or how much you have.

Now here is the good news; if you make a girl feel like she loves you nothing else will matter, she will get from other guys and give to you.

And how to get a girl to be that mad about you is what I will be showing you in this post. 

I will be teaching you three concepts that I have developed over the years; they work like magic and I have used them to break down girls in minutes and make them beg me for a kiss (I'm dead serious)

Here are the three "power rangers" I use:

1. Jonse-Humor-Shock
2. Mystery-beam
3. Rubber-band her

I will explain the first strategy in this article then explain the other two in subsequent posts. 


I learnt this strategy from a friend back in the university and it works like magic, it's almost scary sometimes.

Here is the principle behind this strategy: Girls are accustomed to guys who try to impress them but when a guy comes up and doesn't try to impress her but instead, jonses her in a funny way she sits up and take notice.

Now think back to that ladies' man you know, that guy that has girls flocking around him. Have you ever gone close to hear how he talks to those girls? 

How he doesn't try to be a gentleman around them. How he is blunt with them. How he is always jonsing them. 

Now, don't get this concept wrong - don't be harsh to women and say bad things to them, that's not what I'm saying. 

Instead of saying; "Your hair looks awful".

Say; "Hey, is that the size of your head or is that wig three times bigger than my own head". 

Then smile. 

The strategy is not to insult her, but to jonse her in such a way that she realises you don't seem to be under her spell like other guys are.

I have had a very pretty girl ask me out after I kept on telling her that she is too fair for my liking because she reminds me of my granny who I didn't like. 

I always made her see I was joking, I wasn't all mean and straight faced but because I said it showed her I wasn't freaked of her looks like other guys.

She would hit me and be like; "you are comparing me to your grandmother. Is she even fine as I am"

Then I will be like; "Before? She, you and smiggle in lords of the ring look alike"

Then I will smile. 

One day I told her I can't date her because, even though she was fine, I wasn't attracted to her. 

The next day she kissed me. 

The more pretty a girl looks the more Jonse-humor-shock will work on her. These types of girls have been so worshipped by guys, so when a guy who doesn't worship them comes along they struggle to impress those guys. That's why you will call this girls fifty times and they won't even call you for once. Instead, they will call one guy who doesn't even look that fine.

Have you noticed how silly in love pretty girl act when they like a guy. And still, that guy don't take them seriously. 

If showering praises and compliments on girls makes them fall in love then everybody will have girls chasing after them.

My fingers don dey pain me, to be continued abeg

Of course what you just read is the tip of an iceberg, I went into details in my book (see profile for picture plus how to get it)

Have a great day *winks*

PS: I can see a lot of guys who criticise this thread coming back to read the continuation. Lol, it's understandable, every guy wants to appear like him na Baba. So they drop insults and still sneak back in. *smiles* Gad is watching you. *winks*

Have an awesome day...


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