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5 Healthy Benefits of Cocoyam

5 Healthy Benefits of Cocoyam | Heathable.com

Cocoyam is a root crop that contains some nutritional compound such as thiamine, vitamin A, C & E, vitamin B6, calcium, copper and magnesium. It is also very rich with carbohydrate and dietary fibre.

5 Healthy Benefits of Cocoyam
Below are some reasons why you should not regard cocoyam as an ordinary ornamental plant and start creating space for it in your meal
Subdues rheumatoid arthritis:
Cocoyam is good source of vitamin B6 which is unique for suppressing rheumatoid arthritis. Lack of vitamin B6 can result to increase of rheumatoid arthritis (RA), e.g. high severe pains. But the eating cocoyam helps to subdue its increase.
Vitamin B6 also has the ability to suppress pain and it can be use as a form of supplement for controlling muscles aches and joints due to arthritis.
Promote immune system:
Cocoyam has a vital role in promoting the immune system, cocoyam has vitamin C, which has the potential to assist the immune system in producing large amount of white blood cells that help to fight and defend the body from external virus and bacteria agents. In addition to the above benefit, vitamin C can also serve as antioxidant that moderately subdues the development of other illness, like cancer and heart disease.
Reduce blood pressure and promote blood circulation:
Cocoyam has a considerable sum of potassium which is considered as an indispensable mineral that is essentially required to stay healthy and productive. Potassium does not only have the ability to promote healthy fluid transfers within tissues and membranes all through the body, but can also support in relieving stress and arteries.
By relaxing the blood vessels and veins, high blood pressure can be subdue and stress relating to the heart and blood vessels can be reduced.
Promote vision:
In reference to what we said earlier, cocoyam is enriched with numerous antioxidants, like cryptoxanthin and carotene which promote vision by acting as a protector and protecting  someone who has very extreme views from attacking ocular cells and resulting to degeneration of macular or cataracts.
Promote dental health:
Cocoyam is made up of phosphorus that is extremely important for bone health, including care for the teeth gum. Vitamin D, Calcium and phosphorus all have essential role in maintaining and generating dental health by improving jaw bone.

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